Tuesday, 28 March 2017

78. “ From an unlettered Audience to a Middle Class Reader: Translating oral narratives.” Juhar journal. August 2020.

79. “ The Role of Traditional  Stories in English language Education.” FORETELL. ISBN: 2394-92441  January 2021

80.  “ Two Path Finders: James Fennimore Cooper and Gopinath Mohanty”   an International  Webinar  on The Saga of native American Indian Resistance through the Prism of Literature. 7-9 July 2020 Proceedings.

81. "An  Immigrant’s Journey Towards Excellence:  A Study of Kenneth K. Lalla’s I am a Dream for my Village.” An International E-Conference on Migration, Diaspora and Sustainable Development: Perspectives Policies, Opportunities and Challenges. Proceedings. IGNOU. 3-5 November 2020.

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