Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Research Projects supervised

Ph. D 

1.  City as a Nightmare: A Study of  Detective Fiction. Student: K.B.S Krishna 

2. Writing to Mould Their Minds: Indian Women Writing for Children. Student: Archana

3. Developing Speaking Skills of Lambada Learners through Collaborative Learning at the Intermediate Level. Student: Bhukhya Veeranna

4. Performing Life-Worlds: A Study of the Methor Folk Traditions of Jalpaigri. Student: Amit Rauth

5. The Hermeneutics of Suspicion in the Select Work of Edward Said. Student: Ravi Kumar S.              Kumbar

6. Enhancing Literacy Skills of Tribal Learners through a Transitional-Maintenance Bilingual Model. Student: Sadanand Meher.

7.  Teaching Learning Strategies to Tribal Learners to develop Narrative Writing. Student: Suchismita Barik.

8. Enhancing Academic Writing Skills through Collaborative Learning.  

Student: Amit Kumar

9. Developing Academic Writing of High School Students through TBLT. Student: Sudeepthi.

10. Exploring Transferibility  of  Thinking Skills from L1 to L2 . Student: Subhasis Nanda

11. Developing  English Language Skills through CLIL. Student: D. Sunil

PhD Submitted

1. Problems in the Teaching English at the Primary Level in A.P.  Student: M. Koteswara Rao

1. Tharaa Shar " Strategies of Communication among MBA Students"
2. Sharoon Sunny " Creativity in Writing"
3. Adanech " Impact of Podcasting Technology"
4. Dhamapada "  Comprehension Monitoring"
5. Thimee " Developing Critical Reading of  Naga  Folktales"

M. Phil

1. Ecological Concerns in  Amitabh Ghosh’s Hungry Tide. Student: Pramod Das 

2. Developing Speaking Skills of Intermediate Students in A.P. Student: Sandip Patil 

3. Developing  Vocabulary of Class IX Students. Student: Pavani 

4. Oral Narratives of the Lambadas: A Study of  Folktales. Student: Deepa Jyothi 

5.  An Evaluation of +3 English Syllabus of F.M. University, Orissa. Student: Suchsmita Barik 

6.  Using home Language as a  Support for English language Education. Student: Sadanand Meher.

7.  Developing  Emotional  Literacy with Inference Skills of High School Students. Student: Prathyusha 

8. Developing Study Skills of Intermediate Students of Bihar Board. Student: Amit Kumar 

9. Effects of Text Length on Reading Comprehension. Student: Subhashish Nanda

10. Ruskin Bond's Fiction as Children's Literature. Student: Archana 

11. Developing Writing Skills: A Bilingual Approach through Folktales. Student: Karunashree

12. Needs Analysis of M.B.A Students.  Student: S  Naveen

13. Enhancing Writing Skills of Intermediate Students through Process Approach. Student: Isha Adyasha

14. Developing Interactive Skills of Intermediate Students through Task Based  Language Teaching.  
     Student: Swagatika Panigrahi

15. Using Authentic Materials to Develop Speaking Skills of High School Students. Student: Muktamala

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