Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Anand Mahanand's Profile and Publications

Dr Anand Mahanand

Education: M.A. (JNU), M. Phil., Ph. D( University of Hyderabad), E-Teacher Training in ESP (Oregon)

Institutional Affiliation: Professor & Head, Dept. of Materials Development, Testing and Evaluation. School of English Language Education, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India

Research Interests: Language through Literature, English in Multilingual Contexts, English  for Academic Purposes, Folklore & Tribal Narratives.

e-mail: anand@efluniversity.ac.in 


1.   Study-Skills (with Ajit Kumar and Meera Srinivas). Hyderabad: CIEFL, 2005. 
2.  Tribal Literature   in India. Hyderabad: CIEFL, 2005.
3.  Tribal Folktales from  Orissa. Bhubaneswar: Akademi of Tribal Languages and Culture,2009. 
4.      Real English. Book 4. (With S. Sreetilak). Delhi: Viva Books, 2010. ISBN: 978-81-309-1351-3.
5.      English through Folktales. (With Lalita Goswami). Delhi: Viva Books, 2011. ISBN:   978-81-309-1472-5. 
6.  Maa-Maatira Gita (Songs of the Soil). Cuttack: Kharashrota Publications,2010.
    1. Voices of the Forest- Tribal Folktales of Southern Orissa.With a Foreword by G.N. Devy.  Baroda: Purva Prakashan,2012. ISBN; 978-81-922405-8-9.  
    1. Imagining the 'Other': Representations of Tribal India in Fiction. Lambert Academic Publishers,2011. ISBN: 978-3-8443-5595-6. 
    2. English for Academic and Professional Skills.(With a Foreword by S.Mohanraj) Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill,1012. 1.  ISBN:978-1-25-902608-9. 
    3. English Language Teaching: Perspectives from the Periphery. Jaipur: Avishkar Publishers ,2012. ISBN:978-81-7910-407-1. 
    4. Lo(k)cal Knowledge: Perspectives  on Dalit, Tribal and Folk Literature.(With a Foreword by Kailas C. Baral) Delhi: Authors Press, 2012. ISBN 978-81-7273-735-1. 
    5. Mastaka Mani.  Bhubaneswar: Page Maker Publications, 2012. 
    6. Echoes of the Oppressed: Stories of the Marginals (With Ramesh C. Malik. Bhubaneswar, Page Maker Publications, 2012. 1. ISBN:978-81-920052-4-9
    7. Outbursts: A Collection of Poems. Delhi: Authors Press, 2014. 1.       ISBN:978-81-7273-608-8. 
    8. Riddles for the English Classroom (with Bhavesh Kumar). Bhubaneswar: Pagemakers, 2014. 1.      ISBN: 978-81-920052-8-7. 
    9. The Whispering Groves: A Collection of Poems. Amazon.in.2014. 
    10. Beeja Mantra and Other Stories.By Pratibha Ray. Trans. Anand Mahanand & Pramod K.Das. Ed.Jayashree Mohanraj. Delhi:Authors Press, 2014. ISBN: 978-81-7273-935-5. 
    11. Study Skills: Learning to Learn. Delhi: Viva Books.  (With Amit Kumar). ISBN: 978-81-309-3243-9.
    12. Diversity: Tales for the Multilingual Classroom. (With Subhasis Nanda). Delhi: Authors Press. ISBN 978-93-5207-189-0. 
    13. Literature for Language Skills. Chennai: Yes Dee Publishing Private Limited, 2017. 
    14. Multilingual Education in India: The Case for English. (Eds.). Mishra, M. K. & Mahanand, A.  Delhi: Viva Books, 2016. ISBN 978-81-309-2763-3
    15. Tales of Wisdom: Folktales Retold. Mohanraj, S.& Mahanand, A. (Eds.).  Delhi: Authors Press, 2016. ISBN 978-93-5207-229-3. 
    16. Folktales from around the World. Mohanraj, S.& Mahanand, A. (Eds.).  Delhi: Authors Press, 2016. 978-93-5207-229-3. 
    17. Dusk. Saraswati Mohanti. Ed. Anand Mahanand. Trans. Supriya Sahoo. Bhubaneswar: Amadeus Press, 2016. 
    18. Chhata Upara Kothari. Trans. Anand Mahanand & Lalita Goswami. Bhubaneswar: Page Maker Publication. ISBN: 978-81-920052-9-8.
    19. Oral Traditions of the Indian Tribes. Delhi: Authors Press. 2017.  ISBN: 978-93-872-81-32-5
    20. Tribal Literature in India. Second Edition. Hyderabad: EFLU, 2018. ISBN: 978-81-906869-5-2. 
    21.  Classroom Tasks in English: A Resource Book for Multilingual Teaching.Eds. Anand Mahanand, Amit Kumar and Subhasis  Nanda Delhi: Viva Books. ISBN:978-93-88386-84-5
    22.   Viva Connect. Ed. Mahanand, Anand. Delhi: Viva Books, 2018
    23. Coral. Ed. Mahanand, Anand. Delhi: Viva books, 2018.


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